About Me

Color moves me. Inspires me. Feeds me. Ignites me.

Bold and vibrant colors. Soft and muted tones. Pastels and neutrals.

They all speak to me.


Through painting and collage, crafting and cardmaking I am moved by colors and the myriad ways they conspire and combine to create moods and magic, to form images and patterns. Colors fuel my passions and fire up my creativity.

I remember when new colors exploded onto the fashion scene. For the first time you could find clothes in magenta, turquoise, teal, fuchsia and I couldn’t get enough. They were like food for my soul and I loved wearing them.

Whenever I discover a new medium with rich, vibrant colours or encounter them in life I am filled with Delight. Wonder. Awe. Individual shades capture my soul, firing up phases of inspiration and bursts of discovery.

Colors forge moods. They can calm us. Enrage us, soothe us, fire up our wants and desires. We are all affected psychologically, spiritually, and personally by colors. It is my hope that my color expressions touch you and inspire you. That they reach deep within and capture your imagination. And if they do perhaps you will share them with someone special bringing more colour into the world.

If you like my paintings, but are not looking for wall art, you can also choose from throw pillows, clocks and duvet covers, cases and skins, t-shirts and hoodies, stationary and greeting cards, drawstring bags and totebags. Available from cdheart (that’s me) at redbubble.com. I add new items frequently.

Throughout my life my creativity was noticed, if not always understood or encouraged. But I was lucky to have supportive parents, friends without whom these images would have remained unnoticed, silent, hidden. Please know, I am grateful to you all. Thank you!